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D.N.O. Gunasinghe

BSc. Business Administration (Special) USJP 
Ad. Dip. In Web Development

The founder of the OGIVES GROUP, actively engaged in web designing and development, is aspiring to make OGIVES GROUP a trend setter in the market of Web Designing and Development through powerful websites.

His academic background is based in the field of Business Administration and the professional background is a combination of IT, Web Designing and Development, Accountancy, Management and Marketing. Having completed the degree in Business Administration in the University of Sri Jayewardhanepura, he also holds an Advanced Diploma in Web Development and the Sri Lanka Computer Driving License.

His experience related to the field of web designing and development starts from the year 2009, being the Founder, Project Manager and web developer of eStudent Sri Lanka website (an educational website by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura) when he was reading for his degree. His web creations are enriched with his academic and professional background together with his disposition as an innovator of industrial tools.

With the constant efforts of the founder, the OGIVES GROUP is walking towards continuous advancement in web designing and web development in collaboration with new technology and latest trends in a competitive web designing and development industry, in order to satisfy the customers withGlobal Taste yet Local Work.


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